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What are you doing with your time?

During this unusual time it appears that everyone seems to have a different idea on what they should be doing, some are having a clear out, many of are redesigning their gardens, others are just about managing to home school whilst working and I imagine some people spend days walking around wondering what they should be doing.

I think I’ve been doing all of these and it feels very important to just go with how you feel.  On the positive days I’ve been busy working and fitting in as much sewing as I can which leads me on to my next point….as I said in a previous post I think creative time is essential for your mental health.

I’ve got various kits on my website which I have designed to be super easy to make….there are very clear photographic and written instructions in a step by step guide and all the materials required for each project is included (so all you will need is a sewing machine).

Kits available currently:

  • Unicorn cushion
  •  Sew a Chicken
  •  Sew a pin cushion
  •  Monster cushion

Upcoming kits soon to be released:

  • Sew some childrens shorts
  • Sew a children’s skirt
  • Sew a children’s dress
  • Sew some children’s trousers

For now whatever your doing, stay calm, enjoy your time and #create

Gem x