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Welcome to my new website

Hi Everyone,

Firstly a massive hello and welcome to my brand new website.  I only launched the website a couple of weeks ago and almost straight away we all went into lockdown.  I really hope everyone is ok and managing to stay healthy.  We are all going through a very odd time where we will have highs and lows but we will get through this time and reflect back.

I think its so important to use this time to create, whether you can draw, colour, paint, do woodwork, sculp, write a story, poetry etc.  Being creative calms the mind and really focuses the brain on the task your are completing and therefore takes you away from what is the current reality which I think we will all need to do from time to time.

So with that in mind I have begun to do some video sewing lessons…I’ll attach them here but they are also on my face book page www.facebook.com/sewingatthebuttonbox.co.uk

The videos will be simple projects to do with your children but I will add a few others for parents to try as well….it would be lovely to see any of your creations so please keep sharing and use the hashtag #create

Bye for now Gem