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Hi Everyone,

I thought it was time to check back in and let you know what’s been happening in my sewing world and what my future plans are.  As I said in a previous blog my website went live just as we went into lockdown which I thought was going to be a real blow but it turns out for me it was actually really positive which I am so grateful for.  I found online sales increased massively which definitely kept me busy whilst juggling home schooling and the highs and lows of lockdown.

Since we have entered a new normal and things are still running at a slower pace with less commitments I have had time to take a wider look at my business and try to push forward with plans I imagined but didn’t have time to put in place.

Firstly as you know I love sewing but I am also obsessed with fabrics and I have now being selling a variety of fabrics via Etsy, my website and Ebay.  Not only do I love the process of choosing fabrics which I buy direct from a UK wholesaler but I also love sending your fabric choices out to you and wondering what you will all be making.  With this in mind I will be adding more fabric designs and options into my shops.

Secondly due to Covid restrictions I am unable to run my usual sewing club and workshops which is sad as I love teaching people to sew and seeing them developing their skills.  With this in mind I am going to push forward with my plans so as soon as I have a few recordings under my belt I will be:

(A) uploading basic skills tutorials and

(B) videos tutorials of my current workshops I run which you will be able to purchase to watch online and create the items from home.

I know its not exactly the same as being here in person but I will be available for you to ask for help if you get stuck.  With the video tutorials you can also choose to purchase the pattern and fabrics from me so you will have everything you require to complete a project with the advantage of doing it in your own time.  As soon as this is live and available to purchase I will upload a post to let you all know the details…in the meantime any workshops or skills you would like me to feature then please ask.

Thanks Gem