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February….we’ve made it.

Hi Everyone

Its Tuesday 2nd February and it feels light we have made it through one loooonnnnng month but here we are in February still smiling.  January has been mixed emotions in this house, one moment I am feeling grateful we are all still well and healthy and we are enjoying our time as a family but then other times I feel pure panic and totally overwhelmed with work, home schooling, keeping our mental health in check on top of running the house and cooking endless meals.

I think I have found that structure works best within our home but that is only because I know that’s how I work best so we are trying to complete school work by midday, enjoy some lunch (usually home made soup and bread…yum) followed by a walk to get some fresh air and then the little ones have free time which means I can try to get some orders sent out.  Yesterday did not quite work like this hence I was packing up orders at 9pm whilst watching long lost family (that was a tear jerker) but no complaints here.

I am really excited as I am planning another fabric order this week which has to be one of my most favourite things to do…it is hard to pick fabrics without actually physically holding them but I usually go with my gut and fingers crossed you all like it.  I am also filming another skill tutorial this week which will be uploaded onto my website but if you have anything you would like to know then please ask.

The video below is a time laspe of the sew a Unicorn sewing kit being packaged up…if your still unsure what these comprise of then here goes:

  • A step by step guide of how to sew the cushion
  • Front and back cushion cover fabric
  • Unicorn face
  • Pre-cut felt for the mane, fringe, horn and nose
  • Pin / needle book
  • Toy stuffing

These are great for both adults and children and suitable for beginners…more sewing kits will be added soon.

Enjoy your day and remember it wont last forever…Gem x